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About Varcas CRM

Varcas facilitates its services around the globe for the past 1 years. The company always works for the welfare and utmost faith of the customer. Thus, intending to bring change into modern business, the company initiated the CRM platform for its users. It works for the Customer Relationship Management Capabilities enhancement of the company with customers & makes their interaction distinct. The intelligent software works for the automation of sales, marketing, customer service, & technical support. We collate the customer data and understand their requirement, demand & wants for better interaction. Also, you can make cross-sale, up-sell, close deals, and retain current customers with an in-depth assessment of each.

Working of CRM Software

CRM Software tracks the interaction with clients from emails, phone calls, text messages, complaint forms, etc. Lead generation, conversion, and chasing the clients: Everything is now possible with the CRM System. It also enables the customer care teams to send an automated reply to clients immediately, as soon as it receives any message from existing or prospective customers. It helps in developing trust in the customers. The use of the CRM platform also helps in eliminating the time consumed in performing repetitive tasks daily. An inbuilt tool automates the daily activities and helps the managers to track & measure performance and productivity. CRM tool records every activity so that the management can take decisions by analysing the situation.

Develop a CRM-based website

Developing a CRM-based website means using the CRM platform as the foundation for building the website rather than integrating it as a separate system. This approach allows automatic data transfer and synchronization between the two platforms and a more cohesive and efficient method for managing customer data and interactions.

To create a CRM-based website, you must choose a CRM platform that suits your business needs. Then you need to select a website builder compatible with the chosen CRM, hire a professional developer, or use pre-built integrations to ensure seamless integration between the two platforms.

Manage Your Customers

Make hassle-free data management of your customer. Our user-friendly platform offers all the necessary tools to organize and streamline your customer data, including contact information, notes, and customer interactions. Our customizable dashboard and reporting features provide you with valuable insights into your customers, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your sales process. Whether you're a small business owner or part of a large corporation, our CRM solution can help you save time, boost productivity, and enhance your customer relationships.

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What makes the best CRM platform?

Customer relationship management software is simple at heart. It keeps track of contact information, the deals you're building for them, and the relationship activity as you do so. Then, on top of these basic features, each CRM offers different productivity shortcuts to help you and your team. That means telephone integration, email marketing, and customer service, just to name a few from a long list of possibilities. All these tied together with helpful reports and time-saving automation.

What does this mean when talking about the best CRM programs for all businesses? I prioritized apps that offer all the contact, deal, and activity tracking as a baseline. Then, I selected those that have a good implementation of the extra features I mentioned, offering a user experience that supports the processes you already have in place.

Contrary to popular belief, DS CRM provides much more

Integration with Outlook 365. Access prior emails even if you are offline. Sales Inbox means no more shuffling between screens to get the full picture. DSCRM provides learning courses to employees of an organisation. The admin can assign multiple courses to a specific user and vice versa. Our LMS provides complete course tracking according for every user. Users can also request for any course(s) which can be approved at the admin’s end. Security is always a top priority when you're dealing with business data. Higher profits mean higher stakes. Comprehensive security features and fine-grained permission settings keeping your business online and your data safe. Prioritize and segment customers, automatically enrich profiles and filter by sales signal. Get real-time information about every activity a customer and prospect engages in. Use filters to pare down your report until it only shows the data that you want. Filter data to target deals and make sales decisions strategically.

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Why Choose Varcas?

Our solutions include admission, billing, student apps, library services, HR, LMS, and inventory management. With over 20 years of expertise, we ensure efficient, user-friendly, and innovative software to transform your Institution's operations.