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Media & Entertainment Consulting Services

Media & Entertainment Consulting Services Over the past decade, many parts of the Media & Entertainment industry have experienced the most devastating period of value destruction as a result of digital disruption. The old adage of “content is king” has given way to “distribution is King Kong” with value increasingly migrating from content creators to content distributors.

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Description: Webinar will provide a music market debrief on Germany and upcoming opportunities. This is an opportunity to learn about market opportunities, trends and relevant music industry resources in Germany. The targeted audience are A2IM members, U.S. music companies/organizations including record labels, musicians, artist managers, publishing companies, etc..

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Role of Technology in the Entertainment & Media Industry

Every business is acknowledging the need to integrate the physical and digital worlds. Entertainment & Media (E&M) companies have been the earliest adopters of digital technologies. Everything revolves around digitizing and streamlining production & distribution, as well as exploring new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain to gain competitive edge. This industry has been experiencing a paradigm shift and several new, disruptive models have emerged. In this infographic, we provide information about trends and technology enablers driving growth of Media and Entertainment Solutions. Advancement in technology such as mobile, video, and wireless technologies has transformed the industry leading to an explosion in the growth of streaming services..


ompanies in the industry are tasked with driving aggressive cost reduction and operational optimization initiatives on the one hand, and adopting new business models on the other. Avasant’s team has deep consulting and practical hands-on industry experience across the Media & Entertainment industry, and has worked with both old and new media companies in the areas of strategic cost optimization, digital transformation, M&A, strategic sourcing, and business transformation. We advise clients on the importance of maintaining stable revenue streams while investing in emerging digital models, and have the expertise to provide tailored recommendations based on a detailed assessment of each client. We focus on cost-saving measures as an enabler for exploration into new mediums, while safeguarding your bottom line. While technologies and platforms quickly come and go, we create agile strategies that enable business models to be adaptive and responsive.. .p>


The Media & Entertainment team curated country-specific industry resource guides (Guides) for each of the sub-sectors: Music, Filmed Entertainment & Streaming, Video Games, and Publishing. The Guides in the 2021 collection may not reflect every country of interest for every sub-sector. If you find that there is no Guide for your country and sector of interest, reach out to your local International Trade Specialist for information. Similarly, certain sectors are not the best prospects for various countries, so you may notice a variance in the detail of information available. Generally, the Guides serve as an introduction for U.S. clients to international markets. The Guides summarize the sector market, market demand, market competition, intellectual property considerations, and provide information regarding upcoming trade events. Although the Guides provide a general road-map for exporting and expanding to international markets, the Guides are not all-encompassing. The U.S. Commercial Service International Trade Specialists and Commercial Specialists are the true experts for country-specific market intelligence. For detailed information, and assistance in reaching new markets, find your local experts here. .

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