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We Are Going To Change The Life Style Of Those People Who Want To Make Their Life As A Challenge In Education Field. VSCOS Education Society Is To Provide Academic & Vocational Training Programs. This Society Provides A Relationship Between Thought And Knowledge. Our Main Motive Is To Fulfill The Student With Confidence, Self Respect, Managing & Personality.

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We Are Developing In The Terms Of Literacy Of Acadmic & Vocational As We Can Compare With Other Countries In This Term. If You Want To Learn In A Model Society Where Student's Requirements & Quires & Achievements Are Kept In Light. If You Want To Learn In A Model Society Where Student's Requirements & Quires & Achievements Are Kept In Light. You Are Welcome To Join VIDYASAGAR COUNCIL Open Schooling. I Hope That By Choosing VSCOS & Taking Full Facility, Experience & Excellent Features, You Will Be The Best Prepared To Achieve Your Career Objectives. I Congratulate All Of You Who Have Chosen VSCOS And Taken First Step Towards Your Professional & Supervision Success. Education Drives Away Ignorance And Through Clarification It Emboldens A Man To A Righteous Thought And Action. It Empowers A Man And Woman And Enlarges The Horizon Of Their Mind. It Also Energizes A Trust And Enables Them To Earn Their Living With Respect And Praise. Hence My Love For It. VIDYASAGAR COUNCIL OF OPEN SCHOOLING, Therefore, Is The Fruit Of My Labour And Love. VIDYASAGAR COUNCIL OF OPEN SCHOOLING At Carrying The Torch Of Learning Further Ahead , With Added Strength, Courseware, Qualitative Dissemination Of Knowledge, Virtue And Morality Into A State Of Perfect Maturation May It Become A Brilliant Morning Star In The Firmament Of Higher Education, Research And Continuous Contribution To Man And His Trust. Whole Heartedly Thank The Parents Who In Their Faith Have Been Patronizing The Initiatives In My Endless Drive Of Making VIDYASAGAR COUNCIL OF OPEN SCHOOLING For Their Children To Learn And To Become Worthy Citizens. Our Mission Is To Anticipate The Students Requirement And Do Satisfy Their Needs.


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